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About Us

Teaching Women to Run a Gun Since 2004

Babes with Bullets started in 2004 at the Louisiana home range of head instructor, Kay Miculek. Deb Ferns, a novice shooter who shot a gun for the first time at age 45, was invited by world and national handgun champion, Lisa Munson, to attend the 2004 event.  

After a fun & successful weekend of women teaching women to shoot in a supportive environment, the three ladies (Deb, Kay and Lisa) decided to offer similar camps at other locations across the country. The women launched the Babes with Bullets firearms academy that in April 2004 and now has over 5,500 alum spread throughout North America.

Moving forward into 2022, the Babes with Bullets program continues with its upscale Diamond Camp offered in the Spring and Summer.  

All of our events are women-centric, staffed with an all-female cadre of instructors.  Everyone has been ranked nationally or internationally in sanctioned competition. 

While the venues may change, attendees to our events can expect to learn SAFE gun handling that includes: 

  • Proper grip techniques

  • Proper shooting stance

  • Sight picture and alignment

  • Trigger control and follow-through

  • Confidence drawing from a holster or conceal carry purse

Who should attend:

  • Women who have little or no handgun or rifle (or shotgun) experience

  • Women who have some firearms experience and would like additional training

  • Women who want to be taught by some of the best female trainers in the world!

  • Women who are looking for an adventure of a lifetime!

What Ladies Say About Us...

"Babes with Bullets is an excellent program.  All of the 'Babes" camps has safety as #1" 

Cami Eisenzimmer, Georgia

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