Videos of Past Events

Shooting USA:  Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter Kay Miculek hosts a shooting clinic for ladies only! Pro Shooters Maggie Reese and Annette Aysen are also on hand as more than 30 women take in the lessons from the Pros and put them to use on a competition-style course of fire, thanks to the Babes with Bullets shooting organization.

National Shooting Sports Foundation:  Featuring Babes with Bullets instructors Deb Ferns, Kay Miculek and Lena Miculek-Afentul, this trailer highlights a series of beginner shooting tips for women, by women.

Developed by NSSF and Babes with Bullets

Babes with Bullets:  'The Gun Doesn't Run You; You Run the Gun!'  Deb Ferns holds a 3 hour training class where women learn the basics of handling a firearm. They go from being scared to enjoying the sport. Their confidence builds as they learn the basics of safety, grip, stance and sight picture.

Savage Accuracy:  Instructors Kay Miculek, Karen Whitlock, and sisters Lanny and Tracey Barnes, talk about teaching people how to shoot.  Savage is proud to support Babes With Bullets, a unique traveling firearms academy that offers training to women using an all-female team of champion instructors. Learn the group’s full story and see how Savage gets involved.