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Run & Gun Challenge

August 28-29, 2021 - Cameo Shooting Complex, Grand Junction, CO

Presented by Fiocchi USA, Mossberg, and Hi-Viz Sights

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Presented by Fiocchi USA, Mossberg, and Hi-Viz Sights

Divisions:  Pistol Caliber Carbine, Handgun (red dot), Handgun (iron sights).  Handguns limited to a magazine size of 141.5mm.

Scoring:  Time plus (points).  You only need 1 A-zone hit, or 2 hits anywhere on the target.  Steel props must fall / react as designed, KD steel must fall or turn 45 degrees.

Rules:  Outlaw, based on USSL safety practices.


Cost: $100.  Your match fee includes a catered BBQ on Saturday after the match with some of our pro shooters including Jerry / Kay / Lena Miculek, Lanny Barnes, and Maggie Reese (just to name a few).

Formerly known as the Babes with Bullets 3-Gun Challenge, the Run & Gun Challenge addresses the challenge of acquiring ammo, along with having / transporting multiple firearms.  It makes it easier for more ladies to participate by using a single firearm, and to meet the growing demand for female friendly matches without excluding the guys. The match features two shooting domains, with an aim to have an equal number of female and male participants. All match participants shoot the same stages of fire, with the Women’s Domain and Men’s Domain scored separately. 

Dates / Times:
Friday, 8/27/2021 Check-in at the range
Sat / Sun 8/28-29 Match days

Cameo Shooting Complex , Grand Junction, Colorado
This new facility is BEAUTIFUL and offers competitors the opportunity to see one of the newest, most modern, shooting ranges in the USA!  There is WiFi accessibility throughout the facility and it also offers UTV rentals just in case you prefer to load your equipment up and tool around this 2,000+ acre event center. 


Match Hotel / Lodging:

Quality Inn in Grand Junction (733 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction, CO) is going to be our host hotel! Managed by a USPSA and IDPA shooting match director, Rick Martindale, this hotel is only about 14 minutes from the Cameo Shooting Complex. For the discounted rate of $79 a night during the weekday and $89 a night on the weekend. Rick has assured us that their full breakfast will be available by 5:30 am each morning. Call 970-245-7200 and use the magic words “Babes with Bullets" for the discounted rate.

Equal Play, Equal Prize Table!
The Men’s and Women’s Domains will have separate prize tables with an equal amount on each side. Junior and Senior Categories will also be recognized in each Domain.

SPONSORED SLOTS:  If your spot is provided by a sponsor, or a company who would like to support the match, please send us a message.

You will create a Practiscore account and register.

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